Why choose DRIMCO

We are driven by the mission to shape the knowledge digitalization in industry. Almost in the hidden we have created a business out of an idea solving a real pain industry.

Our AI product is already helping thousands of users in analyzing requirements faster and more accurate, saving millions of euros in non-conformance costs.

Together with our network of industry champions as customers, users and partners we are transforming the ways you work with knowledge, the human ways in industry, into the digitalization age.

We continuously introduce top science form AI – NLP, knowledge technology and computer vision into our product, tailored to the very use cases.

Now, we are on the jump to take the next level and grow fast into one of the leading AI companies.

That’s where we want you to join the journey. If it is clear to you that the impossible is possible, if you want to create impact, make users happy, and if you want to have a fair participation in the success of your contributions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose

Think different

Define new ways and leave the beaten tracks.

Know who you are

Follow your talents and understand your personal ways of achieving goals.

Be exceptional at what you do

Challenge yourself, understand what you want to achieve and follow it with dedication.

Be tech driven

Hands-on experience on emerging technologies to innovate and succeed.

Help colleagues succeed

The biggest goals are achieved together. Help your colleagues succeed, the success of your colleagues will be your success.


You are stuck, things don’t work out like you expected? Value the opportunity to improve and continue. You will succeed at last.


Opportunity To Grow

Enhance career with a multitude of ways to learn & develop exponentially.


Direct impact of your contributions on the product and business.

Inclusion & Diversity

Dynamic workplace for diverse identities to collaborate together & thrive.

Competitive Salary

We believe in good pay for good work.


Participate in the success of your contribution with a generous equity scheme.

Flexible workplace

Ability to work from home. Ability to periodically work from abroad.

Current Openings

  • Backend Developer (C++ Enterprise Software) - Greater Munich Metropolitan Area, Germany

    2-10 Years
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