DRIM Regulation Management

Manage your technical compliance with AI

For Companies who have to manage the large amounts of regulatory requirements, continuously increasing with topics like Functional Safety or Technical Compliance in general, DRIM is an intelligent requirements analysis solution, which centrally manages and automates the expert reading and evaluation of requirements from regulatory documents, reducing cycle times and risk costs.

DRIM dedicated to the Evaluation of Regulations end-to-end

It is the mission of DRIM to support the full end-to-end task of evaluating stakeholder requirements from regulatory documents throughout their lifecycle. The DRIM software is a platform combining a large set of functionalities, many of them based on novel deep AI technology, which are all dedicated to the use case of evaluating stakeholder requirements end-to-end. The major building blocks are:

DRIM Functionalities

Process a wide range of input formats

Regulatory requirements can be exchanged in multiple formats and mainly as pdf documents.

Document Auto-Segmentation

Requirements in documents cannot be managed because they are in an unstructured form.

DRIM AI Semantic Similarity

DRIM AI Risk Management

The DRIM AI automatically analyzes the risk of each Requirement Object (ROB).

DRIM AI Department Assignment

The DRIM AI analyzes all Requirements Objects (ROBs) for their domains.

DRIM AI Topic Recognition

The DRIM AI analyzes all Requirements Objects (ROBs) for their specific topics insides.

Monitoring of the DRIM AI Value KPIs

DRIM provides a variety of AI measures to continuously monitor the value KPIs and the adoption of the value use cases.

DRIM Document Update and Document Compare

If new versions of a regulation are released, DRIM allows to systematically run an update process.

Requirements evaluation workflow and dashboards

DRIM introduces a systematic and uniform way of managing the evaluation of regulatory requirements.

Full traceability

DRIM allows to manage stakeholder requirements from their very origin in the regulation documents, down to the engineering processes in project execution.

Integration with ALM, PLM Systems

Connected to ALM, PLM or in general Requirements Lifecycle Management (RLM) systems, DRIM provides requirements intelligence to the RLM systems and, in addition, acts as a smart importer of requirements from documents providing full traceability from the origin of the requirements down to the engineering processes.

We connect everyone involved in assessing requirements from RFQs, tenders or regulations – making bidding and execution run faster and more accurate while reducing risks and non-conformances.

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