Founded in 2020, DRIMCo builds the AI tool of choice for industry leaders to digitize their requirements processes.

We continuously introduce top science from AI NLP and computer vision into our product highly tailored to the industrial use cases of analyzing requirements from RFQs, tenders or regulations.

Together with our customers across all industries and partners we are shaping the industrial knowledge transformation according to the principles of data security and data sovereignty preserving the core asset of all companies, their knowledge.

With the AI assistance companies can evaluate customer requirements faster and more accurate  and make a reference out of every project avoiding unexpected non-conformances, rework or project delays – better for all industry.

Our Mission

“Drive the Secure Knowledge Digitalization in Industry”

What makes DRIMCO unique


AI-NLP Product Running With Industry Leaders

In-house AI Technology

Product Based On
15 Patents

Top Science

20+ AI Research Publications

Data Sovereignty

Privacy Preserving Technology
And Deployments

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Bernt Andrassy

Co-Founder, Managing Director, CEO

Dr. Pankaj Gupta

Co-Founder, Managing Director, CTO

Costin Cozan

Co-Founder, Managing Director

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