Hear from our customers

“Of 20.000 requirements only 15.000 are relevant. We have to assess all relevant requirements and risks in shortest time.”

Technical Engineering Governance

“My team is working on up to 10 projects at any given time, and what I really want to do is ensure consistency across all of them.”

Department Head

“We want to make a light house project out of every project, with no issues, no surprises and no unexpected deviations. With DRIM this vision is no more a vision, it is now a reachable target.”

Global Process Owner and Transformation Manager

“We wanted to make sure our cost price does cover all customer requirements. The system is helping us to identify high critical items, which is key in defining the most economical design for our customers.”

Bid Manager/Project Manager

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Setting new standards in quality assurance and risk management with AI

We connect everyone involved in assessing requirements from RFQs, tenders or regulations – making bidding and execution run faster and more accurate while reducing risks and non-conformances.

Digitized requirements management across all industries


Answering to RFQs from OEMs including OEM norms. Cybersecurity, FUSA and ASPICE as trends.


Answering to complex tenders from energy companies with > 100 documents.


Large number of RFQs or tenders which need to be assessed quickly.


Large projects running for years. High risk of non-conformance costs.