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An eye on the future: Setting new standards in quality assurance with AI

KSB is one of the world’s most innovative and successful pump and valve manufacturers.

Under the motto “People, Passion, Performance” our dedicated staff develop highly efficient and tailored solutions capable of meeting complex industrial requirements. Innovations are the driver of the company. That’s why KSB has been so successful for more than 150 years.

High risk of unexpected deviations in fulfillment

Making a reference out of every single project

KSB wanted to increase the efficiency of the bidding phase supplying offers much faster and much more accurately with all deviations clarified before the order is placed. The target costs must equal the planned costs.

With DRIM a systematic process for managing deviations was introduced. Uploading all documents to DRIM, the DRIM AI makes deviations transparent and manages all comments and deviations in a systematic way. All risks are proactively managed from the very beginning of a project throughout the bidding phase from inquiry over decision-to-quote until everything has to be fully clarified before order placement.

Simpler and smoother experience with DRIMCO


Up to 84% reuse among similar projects.


Up to targeted 30% reduction of project risk costs.


Up to 75% speed up in assessing RFQs or tenders.


targeted ROI driven by automation and AI risk assessment.

Easier and better for customers

We connect everyone involved in assessing requirements from RFQs, tenders or regulations – making bidding and execution run faster and more accurate while reducing risks and non-conformances.

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Richard Daniel

Co-founder & CEO, Siemens

I can’t imagine my life without Drimco. It has changed the game for me. I can put in a sentence or two of a generic idea and Drimco takes it in and in 30 seconds or less generates more than I can ever imagine.takes it in and in 30 seconds or less generates more than I can ever imagine.