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Wherever electricity is required, generated and distributed: the SGB-SMIT Group supplies products in line with demand, adapted to the customers and their requirements. Their key objective has been ever since the complete satisfaction of their customers. You may trust that they go into your special technical problems, analyze them, and find a solution tailored to your individual request. 

Manual processing of RFQ documents and project contracts is time consuming and risk prone

Creating a self-learning system to support the organization for highest accountability towards the customer specifications.

Royal SMIT wanted to create a corporate understanding of what they are compliant to and to learn as an organization from project execution.

This was achieved by uploading all quotations and project contracts into DRIM, which acts as a single source of truth. Sales and project execution feedback is seamlessly integrated, expert knowledge is systematically re-used. “Drimming” all quotations and contracts allows to get a clear view of all non-compliant items. The DRIM AI assists in identifying the high-cost impact items in sales phase already. The AI-based domain assignment saves a lot of time to tell the multiple departments (mechanical, electrical, installation, transportation, …) to their points with the aim of making 100% sure that all specification items have been reviewed and verified. The various compare functionalities allow to quickly assess differences among projects.

Simpler and smoother experience with DRIMCO


Up to 84% reuse among similar projects.


Up to targeted 30% reduction of project risk costs.


Up to 75% speed up in assessing RFQs or tenders.


targeted ROI driven by automation and AI risk assessment.

Easier and better for customers

We connect everyone involved in assessing requirements from RFQs, tenders or regulations – making bidding and execution run faster and more accurate while reducing risks and non-conformances.

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Richard Daniel

Co-founder & CEO, Siemens

I can’t imagine my life without Drimco. It has changed the game for me. I can put in a sentence or two of a generic idea and Drimco takes it in and in 30 seconds or less generates more than I can ever imagine.takes it in and in 30 seconds or less generates more than I can ever imagine.